“We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.” (Hebrews 2:1 NIV)


The writer of Hebrews reminded the believers of the importance of paying close attention to what they have been taught and heard.  There are many conflicting information, ideas, persuasions, and arguments that believers often get caught up in, causing them to drift away from their purpose.  Many pretensions set themselves up against the knowledge of God.  These thoughts and glitz must be taken captive and made them obey Christ.

What we pay attention to will capture and direct our focus.  What we pay attention to is important to us.  Everything may look right, and we may feel like we have the right to do them.  But not everything is beneficial.  We may also argue that we have the right to do anything, but I am reminded that not everything is constructive.  I am to choose what to pay attention to and not let those things coerce me to do them.

The things that the writer of Hebrews reminded believers to pay close attention to are what they were taught about Christ and salvation and Christ being made fully human and fully God to bring us to salvation.  Many argued the validity of Christ came in the flesh and did he die for the world.  Christ coming in the flesh, being born of the virgin, and failing to bring salvation are foundational to the Christian’s faith.  We must not drift from this knowledge.

But this principle applies to other areas of life.  We are to hold to truths that we value in life.  I must hold to God’s purpose and calling in my life.  If I don’t value what God loves and the truth that God has, I will drift away from his truth.  The same for churches and organizations that did not pay attention to their original intention of mission and vision.  This applies to my personal life as well.  I want to stay close to God’s purpose and vision or drift from him and his purpose.


I am so grateful to be reminded again to pay attention to God’s purpose and value in my life.  I am committed to holding on to God’s truth and purpose as the scriptures teach.  I will not allow myself to engage in arguments and pretensions that are against the knowledge of Christ in me.  I will continue to make my mind pay attention to Jesus’ truth daily through reading and meditating on his word.


Jesus, thank you for reminding me to pay close attention to the value, purpose, mission, and vision you placed in me to fulfill.  I ask that the Holy Spirit continue burning your truth into my heart and help me pay close attention to your word.  Teach me to fear you in obedience and do what you want me to do in this life.  Keep me from drifting, and help me be faithful and hold on to your truth.  Amen!