“God is not human, that he should lie,  not a human being, that he should change his mind.  Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?  20 I have received a command to bless; he has blessed, and I cannot change it.”  (Numbers 23:19—20)


            Balaam’s confession to Balak reveals the true nature of God.  Balaam, the servant of God, was troubled by the request Balak gave him to do to the people of God.  Balak wanted Balaam to curse the people of Israel.  However, God would not allow Balaam to curse the people he blessed.  Balak offered money and many things to Balaam to curse the people of God.  Balaam was a prophet for profit.  He wanted the money.  If God had not prevented him from doing so, Balaam would have done what Balak would do.

            God would not change his word.  So many times, people changed their position on the truth because of pressure and offers of some blessings.  Though Balaam failed, he spoke the truth about God.  God has to intervene to save Balaam by using the donkey to talk to him.  Sometimes God has to go to the extreme to stop us from disobeying his word, which is an act of God’s grace.

            Balaam pointed out the truth of God to Balak, saying this:

God is not human; he should lie.  He is right, and we human keeps changing what we say.  One of the human traits that all of us have is to lie when things seem to threaten us.  We change what we say because of the situation or the perceivable circumstances unfavorable.  All human beings lie.  God is the only one who speaks the truth and will not compromise on his word. 

            Balaam continues that not only is he NOT human, he is not a human being, meaning he is not present in a human body.  God is not in human form, nor does he thinks as a human does.  God’s ways and thoughts are so much higher and holy than my thoughts and desire.  Most of what I think about is selfish and self-centered. 

            Balaam knows that when God speaks, he acts.  When God promises, he fulfills.  When God speaks, no one can change or alter what he says.  This is something that I must learn even from this unfortunate situation with Balaam, the prophet for profit.  God’s word can never be altered.  He will act upon what he speaks; what he promised, he will fulfill it. 


            I give all my trust in God’s word.  I have seen God act upon his word and fulfill his promises in my life.  I want to open my heart to hear and obey Jesus’ words when he speaks.  Today, I am reminded that nothing can alter nor change what God has said and promised to do.  His word is worthy of my trust. 


            Father, help me continue to place my complete confidence in your word.  Your word is who you are.  You are a Father who acts upon your words and fulfills what you promise.  Please help me place all my trust in your word and unfailing faithfulness.  I love you, Lord, Amen!